Information for Potential Vendors

The MGMS Show is held in late February.

For general information about the Show, visit the Annual Gem Show page.


Vendors must sell gems, minerals, fossils, related jewelry, or lapidary tools/cutting materials. Sale items must be at least 90% related to these categories. The MGMS vendor committee reviews all information submitted by potential vendors to determine eligibility.


Contracts are sent to invited vendors in early fall for the following February show. Our standard dealer space for 2022 at the Mississippi Trade Mart is $675. This dealer space includes the 7 tables supplied by MGMS through our contract. We also have a few smaller booths which are $275 for 3 tables.

We limit the number of dealers to 27. In case the vendor list is full and the business meets our Show’s gem, mineral, fossil criteria, the Dealer Committee will keep the vendor in mind for future events.

We do occasionally have vendor cancellations in the weeks just prior to the Show. If a vendor would be interested in being listed as a business that is available on short-notice as a replacement, please note this in the information packet.


Potential vendors should send written information about their business to the MGMS Dealer Committee for review. This information should include a list a past shows the vendor has participated in, pictures, brochures, etc. This information packet should be mailed to:  MGMS Dealer Committee, 176 Tazan Avenue, Florence, MS 39073-8720


If you are a potential vendor and have questions, please email the MGMS Vendor Chair and we will reply as soon as possible. 


MGMS Vendor Chair