Membership is effective January through December. Dues for applications submitted December through June are full price: $20 per adult and $5 per child who meets the Junior classification guidelines. Members are eligible to participate in classes, field trips for collecting specimens, and other special activities.

  • There are three categories of MGMS membership available:
    • Family Membership – For a couple or a parent or parents and all children of that immediate family who meet the age or student status guidelines noted in Junior Membership classification** below.   (The Family Membership classification has no effect on the rate being charged. It is for the convenience of the club to simplify communication.)
    • Single Membership – For an individual above their eighteenth birthday.**
    • Junior Membership – A child is eligible from age 8 continuing to age 18 or a student under the age of 25.   (The adult(s) must assume responsibility for the safety and conduct of each Junior while attending Society functions.)
  • ** Children not in the immediate family (i.e. grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor) meeting the Junior guidelines may be included on either a Family Membership or a Single Membership.

MGMS is a volunteer organization. It’s amazing what you can learn when you volunteer and how quickly you’ll feel as though you’re really a part of the group. An offer to help, even for only an hour or two, is always appreciated. Special talents are welcome, but not necessary. Without members willing to serve, we would be unable to offer the opportunities that we currently have.

Want to Join?

MGMS Rules for participation and use of Lapidary School equipment are to ensure that everyone has a working knowledge of how the club operates and MGMS procedures so that miscommunication can be kept to a minimum.

The General Rules for Participation in Activities of Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society (General Rules) provide basic guidelines for member participation and use of basic Lapidary School resources as well as safety precautions.

Members who wish to take part in field trips and/or use Lapidary School equipment will also need to sign the appropriate rules form(s) — Rules of Participation for Field Trips, and/or Rules of Use of MGMS Lapidary School Equipment and Resources — prior to participating in these activities.


Renewal dues are payable by the first of January each year. Current members may download a  MGMS Renewal Application and the General Rules for Participation. Both documents must be submitted, properly signed.